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Stretch Marks Star In Target's New, Unretouched Swim Ads

What has stretch marks, cellulite and beautiful body positivity all over A lot of people, for starters, but also Targetís latest swimwear campaign.... pRead more: a href=/tag/arts-and-entertainmentArts and Entertainme...

Why We Should Stop Using 'Skinny' As A Compliment

Candice Huffine has some thoughts about the words we use to deliver praise ? and they just might change your thoughts, too. br / The plus-size model and... pRead more: a href=/tag/fitnessFitness/a, a href=/tag/body-po...

How Negativity Sparked A Beautiful Self-Love Movement Between Friends

When it comes to hateful speech and negativity, these two best friends donít get mad. They get body positive. br / Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley are a ... pRead more: a href=/tag/arts-and-entertainmentArts and Entert...

Chrissy Metz's Sexy Pinup Spread Is The Best Thing Today

Itís nearly impossible to get through an episode of ďThis Is UsĒ without crying, but we canít help but smile over these new photos of Chrissy ... pRead more: a href=/tag/arts-and-entertainmentArts and Entertainment/a,...

Zara Put Thin Models In A 'Love Your Curves' Ad

Zaraís managed to keep itself out of the headlines lately when it comes to scandals like sewing mice into clothing or copying artistís / Bu... pRead more: a href=/tag/arts-and-entertainmentArts and Entertai...

Michael Kors FINALLY Put A Plus-Size Model On The Runway

Young designers including Prabal Gurung and Christian Siriano have been rightfully praised for their commitment to diversity, most recently at New Yor... pRead more: a href=/tag/new-york-fashion-weekNew York Fashion W...

RaVal Davis: Curves On Set: How To Wear Pastels In Winter

Basic black may be the official uniform of NYC. But wearing the same old dreary dark colors in winter can get pretty boring. Thats why powdery pinks... pRead more: a href=/tag/rue-107Rue 107/a, a href=/tag/raval-davi...