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Why This Brand New Vogue Cover Is So Thrilling

There are so many reasons we’d like to put 2016 behind us. Ashley Graham and Vogue aren’t among them. br / The high fashion glossy’s British editi... pRead more: a href=/tag/body-positivityBody Positivity/a, a href=...

10 Pairs Of Over-The-Knee Boots That'll Actually Fit Big Calves

Newsflash: Over-the-knee boots aren’t going anywhere. Just ask the / br / And yet, we’re filled with dread every time we attempt finding a ... pRead more: a href=/tag/body-imageBody Image/a, a href=/tag...

One Reimagined Disney Princess Set You Haven't Seen (And Should)

You’ve seen Disney Princesses wearing modern clothing. You’ve seen Disney Princesses with realistic waistlines. Heck, at this point, you’ve seen... pRead more: a href=/tag/body-imageBody Image/a, a href=/tag/body-posi...

This Inspirational Model Says There's No Such Thing As A Runner's Body

In between shots of her countless modeling gigs, Candice Huffine regularly posts photos of new sneakers and running buddies on her Instagram account. ... pRead more: a href=/tag/body-imageBody Image/a, a href=/tag/bod...

Marisa Leigh: Plus Size Boudoir: Tips To Ace The Intimate Session

Things I do during a shoot -- from the make up to the hair style to the poses -- arent designed to hide flaws. They are geared to bring your personal best to the table enhancing the bounty of beauty that you already possess. ...

Now THIS Is A Fashion Shoot That's Actually Inclusive

Contrary to what seems popular belief in the fashion industry, not all attempts at inclusivity are created equal. Time and time again we’re bombarde... pRead more: a href=/tag/body-imageBody Image/a, a href=/tag/body-...

Melinda Parrish: Facebook Called My Body Positive Message 'Offensive'

On Friday, Oct. 28, I did a Facebook Live broadcast on my page. The topic was food and dieting. Specifically, I talked about the idea that losing weig... pRead more: a href=/tag/body-imageBody Image/a, a href=/tag/bod...